Monday, May 24, 2010

6th Anniversary

Saturday was our 6th anniversary and Stephen treated me to such a special day. 

Each year I think that I could not possibly be more in love with this man than I am, and then the love deepens and strengthens and grows with unending fervor. 
I am so grateful to God for bringing us together at just the right time in our lives- a time when we were ready for each other. 
I am so grateful to have a husband who knows me so well, knows how to love me so well, and who encourages me to be my authentic self. 

After returning home from running a 5K in Greensboro, we exchanged gifts.  The 6th Anniversary gifts are "wood" and "sugar", and so our gifts to each other reflected that.
Stephen gave me an incredible gift that I wanted (even needed) so badly, but had not once mentioned to him...a beautiful wooden jewelry box.  I opened it, and of course, I cried (I know you're shocked).  I didn't cry at the gift itself so much as the idea that he  just knew what I needed & wanted and made it happen.
I gave him a trip to a local ziplining facility.  I thought it would be fun to spend a day zipping through the woods landing from tree to tree.
I also made him a special dessert chocolate covered Oreos.  I posted the recipe on my food blog.  
About 3 weeks ago, Stephen sent me a text one day saying that on our anniversary, I needed to pack a bag for me & a bag for Berkley so Stephen could take me away for the night.  So, after exchanging gifts & packing up the car, we headed to Wake Forest to drop off Berkley, then to Raleigh for a wonderful evening together.

Stephen surprised me with a room at the Rennaisance Hotel (at North Hills)- a super-nice hotel that was such a great treat. 
When I walked in the bathroom, I saw a remote control on the shelf & asked what it could be for.  Stephen told me to just push power & see what happened.  Much to our surprise, when I did so, a television screen became clear in the bathroom mirror.  I'm not going to lie- I stood there for quite awhile- enthralled by the magical tv screen.
Saturday afternoon we went to a movie (Robinhood) together- the first since the weekend before we had Berkley.  And had to run through the a thunderstorm to get back to the hotel from the theater.
That evening, Stephen took me to Cafe Luna downtown for an incredible Italian dinner.  Yum!
Sunday morning we stayed in bed longer than necessary, ordered breakfast in bed from room service, and enjoyed our time together before picking up Berkley.
It could not have been a more perfect anniversary celebration.  I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude.  I love this man.


Anonymous said...

love it so super sweet. <3

Anonymous said...

oops that above was me!

Karamella said...

So much fun :-) (I am loving your handmade cards too!!)