Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hang Gliding

I surprised Berkley with a chance to hang glide!  We headed to Kitty Hawk where the instructors make it possible for a kid as small as Berkley to experience hang gliding for themselves.  It was super-safe, and Berkley had the best time!  The instructors hold on to the glider the entire time since Berk doesn't weigh enough to be able to keep it down or to steer, but he definitely felt like he was alone in the sky and totally in charge!  We would definitely repeat this awesome experience!

Practicing hanging...
Getting ready to fly...
The glider would often lift Berkley off the ground before he even started running!

There he goes!

Climbing back up the dune was the most work, but it appeared to be totally worth it for Berkley to hang glide several times.

The company offered photos & video taken from a go-pro on the glider.  What a fun perspective of such a fun activity!

Friday, November 04, 2016

Outer Banks

After filling our brains with history, I made a last minute decision to head down to Nags head for one night.  Why not?!
We took the ferry from Jamestown, and drove down to the Outer Banks for less than 24 hours!
First stop- the beach!  It was SO cold and windy, but this kid loves the beach regardless.

What's a stop at the coast without an oyster dinner?!  Yum!
I got a steal on a fantastic apartment in a resort on the island.  We had a full apartment with an amazing indoor waterpark.  We could have stayed there for days!

Saturday morning we grabbed a big breakfast before setting out for a surprise adventure
But first!  More beach time!

Jamestown Settlement

The Jamestown Settlement was an interesting place to explore.  We spent time walking around the Native American village, checking out the colonial homes, and also exploring the boats in the harbor.

Jamestown National Park

Friday morning we headed to Jamestown to visit the National park there.  Another junior ranger badge was added to the vest!

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Williamsburg Evening

On Thursday night we headed to historic Williamsburg for a super-delicious dinner and a late night ghost walk through the town.   We didn't do all of the experiences you can do there, but it was just the right introduction for Berkley.

Yorktown National Park

Yorktown National Park provided a chance to get a junior ranger badge, and to see the field where the Battle of Yorktown was fought in 1781.