Thursday, April 13, 2017

Birthday Fun in NYC

My birthday in NYC was a fantastic day!

The day started with Jasper and Berkley making birthday pancakes for all of us.
Then Berkley and I headed down to the World Trade Center site and visited the Freedom Tower there.  
We then found our way to Wall Street to see the new Fearless Girl statue beside the Charging Bull.
We met Lindsay and Georgia for a yummy lunch around the corner from their apartment
After changing clothes for the evening, we met the Bradshaws at a playground to get out some more afternoon energy.
Lindsay headed off to work (at Wicked) and Jared & I took Berkley & Georgia to get Shake Shack for dinner.
We headed to yet another playground for a fun hamburger picnic.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Play Time

My rule of thumb for traveling in NYC with kiddos is to make sure there is lots of time to play!  So, we discovered parks, climbed on rocks, and explored every day.

The Met

We spent the bulk of our afternoon at the Met.  When taking Berkley to museums, I always let him see the museum map and pick out the primary areas he wants to check out.  Then I choose one exhibit I want to see and one exhibit I want him to see.  It's a good compromise and a good way to keep him engaged and interested.
We have an absolutely amazing art teacher at Berkley's school.  We turned the corner into this exhibit, Berkley saw this painting across the hall and exclaimed, "That's a Jackson Pollack!"  I was so impressed!  It's not even a painting he has seen before- he just recognized the style!
The modern art wing is a favorite for both of us.

Berkley also recognized this Van Gogh painting by it's style!  Hooray for amazing art teachers!

We ended our visit with the Degas exhibit- because he is one of my personal favorites.

Fun Day in NYC

The next day was simply a day full of fun in NYC

Morning play with Jasper
Visiting the M & M store

Perhaps my favorite thing to eat in NYC- waffles from Wafles & Dinges.  YUM!

Walking the perimeter of Central Park
An amazing super-fun snack time at Dylan's Candy Bar.  This was Berkley's first time trying Pop Rocks and it was a huge hit!
We took a cab downtown to my all time favorite diner for dinner only to find that it's temporarily closed.  Such a disappointment!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

First Broadway Show- Come From Away

The only thing better than seeing your first Broadway show, is seeing that show when a friend is performing.
And the only thing better than that is when your friend invites you backstage after the show!

We were so excited to see Geno in Come From Away.  Geno's wife, Nancy is a dear friend of mine from college, and I officiated their wedding!  We already knew the music from the show, so Berkley knew Geno's character well, and couldn't wait to see him perform in real life!
This kid sang and danced the entire show.  I had to calm him down a couple of times so he wouldn't disrupt those around us, but he enjoyed it so much and was so happy the whole time!
Backstage with Geno after the show!
Nancy just happened to be at this performance with her family, so it was an extra treat that we got to see her too!
Geno encouraging Berkley to "kiss the cod"
What an incredible first!

NYC Dinner

Before Berkley's first Broadway show, we headed down to Little Italy to my favorite restaurant.  There are no words for how delicious our dinner was.  And the company was great too!
On our way back to the subway station we spotted this adorable cupcake shop- a literal hole in the wall with the yummiest and cutest miniature cupcakes you ever did see!

Brooklyn Bridge

This will forever be one of my life's favorite moments.  
Berkley and I took the train to Brooklyn, and walked across the bridge on the most beautiful day.  

Statue of Liberty

We headed to the Statue of Liberty first thing in the morning.

Berkley's backpack got pulled for searching before we got on the boat and we had no idea why.  But then he told the security agent, "Oh!  By the way- there is a toy ninja star in my bag!" Ha!
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

And, of course Berkley got another Junior Ranger badge!

What a beautiful day for exploring!