Monday, May 24, 2010


I just need to say, for the record, that I absolutely loved the LOST series finale last night.  LOST began the September after Stephen and I were married & we stumbled upon it one Wednesday evening after church thinking it was going to be a ridiculous, sci-fi, dinosaur, out-of-our-comfort-zone kind of show.  And yet, after the first episode we were hooked!  We made sure to be home each Wednesday night in time to watch, or we set the DVR & watched it later that night.  We have stuck with LOST through all 6 seasons (all 6 years of our marriage!) and I am so glad we did.  We asked questions, tried to figure out the secrets, suspended disbelief when we needed to, gave the benefit of the doubt when required, and it all paid off.  I was so pleased with the finale- the resolution of the show, the reconciliation of relationships, the forgiveness and grace displayed by the characters & the concept.  
I've never been so attached to a tv show as I was this one, and I am grateful that its end left me satisfied and happy that I chose to invest time in that show.


Laura Smith said...

Courtney...I watched the first 2 seasons...then dropped out of the LOST world. Can you tell us the overall gist of where they were??

Lauren said...

I've never watched the show myself, but I just wanted to mention that you are the only person I know that liked the series finale. I've never heard so many complaints about one episode of a tv show in my life! Glad to discover that at least someone liked it. Yay for you! :)