Sunday, September 11, 2016

Camp Kanata Weekend

Berkley went to his second weekend away at Camp Kanata! I love that they host these mini-camps for kids (and parents) to get used to being away for camp!

Before the trip, I clearly labeled all the things.  Last time Berkley went to camp he lost several things, so I hoped these labels would help a little (spoiler alert:  they did!)
Waiting for the camp gates to open in the car line with my sweet boy!
We got to camp right when it opened, which afforded us some  time to explore a bit.  It is so special that we both share incredible memories from this place, and we have stories to tell each other as we explore the grounds.
Things have changed since I was a camper.  This ampitheatre is swanky compared to the logs I once sat on.  And the lake used to have diving boards and a raft out in the middle.  But so much of this precious place still seems the same.

In front of Berkley's cabin before I left him!
I love that camps can now take photos of campers while they're at camp.  I love getting a glimpse into his experience once the camp releases the pictures.

Berkley's awesome counselors.  The one on the right was also his counselor last year.
We came home with all of his stuff!  It was dirty and smelled terrible, but it came home!
Getting ready to leave after an awesome weekend.
One more walk around camp while my sweet boy told me all new stories from his weekend adventure.

And a final game of gaga ball before I made him get in the car!

And then, a week later, my brother in law went to a meeting at the camp, and relayed this message to us afterward...

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