Friday, July 08, 2016

Travel Day

We headed to the airport for a long day of travel that would lead to the greatest trip our family has taken!  I planned this trip for a good 9 months- securing lodging and activities that would take us through 5 states and many National Parks.  Stephen was able to take off two weeks of work, so our trip lasted an incredible 16 days!  What a gift it was to spend that much uninterrupted time together as a family!

In the Atlanta airport...ready to fly to find our gate & fly to Denver!
On recent trips, we've been more intentional about having Berkley "direct" us in airports.  He gets us to the correct gate, finds the restrooms and whatever else we might need.  Being able to navigate an airport and travel independently is an important life skill, so we are giving him some opportunities to practice within the safety of our family.  
Before our trip, I had an old ipod, and downloaded only the Hamilton soundtrack on it.  This way, Berk would have his own music for the trip on what we knew would be some long periods of waiting or driving or flying.  He loved it, and he looked SO grown!
By a truly incredible stroke of luck (read: our flights were only $50 more for first class than coach) we were able to fly first class on our trip! It was so much fun to have room to spread out, movies to watch, and yummy lunch on our way to Denver!
Although he has flown lots before, on this flight Berk was given his first set of wings from a flight attendant!
In Denver- waiting for our shuttle to the rental car location...
We rented a little car for super cheap and drove across the GORGEOUS state of Colorado to make it to Utah that night.
As we drove down the highway, I cried a couple of times at the beauty of the mountains, the sky and that beautiful snow on top of the mountains in the middle of July!
There was a huge traffic jam on this primary Colorado highway.  There was no other road we could have traveled at this point, but it sure was a pretty view to check out while stuck in traffic!
I couldn't resist taking a photo of the name of this town...
Welcome to Utah!  The topography from Colorado to Southeast Utah changed drastically!  It went from lush mountains to desert very quickly, and was fascinating to see from the car.  Although we had a long drive, it was a fascinating one that felt much shorter than it was.
As we drove into Utah, it was evening and we'd also encountered the time change.  The sun wasn't going to go down for several more hours!  But we encouraged Berkley to go ahead and try to sleep a little before we arrived in Moab.  

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