Saturday, July 09, 2016

Sunset Exploring

After our morning hike, we headed back to the condo for a quick nap.  Getting Berkley (and me) on a new time zone took a bit of work that included naps the first couple of days!

By evening we were ready for dinner in downtown Moab, then we headed back to Arches to explore the sights with smaller crowds and lower temps.  The sun sets SO late since we were on the western end of Mountain time.  So, to be outside at sunset means we were up LATE!

Exploring Balanced Arch...Have I mentioned that the photos don't do justice to the perspective of how tall these structures are?!
That photo helps gain perspective a bit...I'm in the bottom part of the photo...
Being among these formations at sunset is absolutely worth the late evening!  Words can't describe how gorgeous it was.
We hiked on the "primitive trail" around Windows Arches.  This took us around the back side of the arches to see the gorgeous colors all around us.
This.  I still can't believe it.  My guys- standing in an arch checking out the rising moon ahead while looking out at the gorgeous sunset colors on the horizon.  My eyes filled with tears of overwhelming gratitude for these people, this place, this time and for a God who gifted us with it all.
Exploring the arches with only a few other people around us was such a treat!
Berkley found another nook!
The photo is blurry, but it's still a great memory!

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