Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunrise Wildlife Safari

In Jackson, we signed up for a sunrise wildlife safari.  I was a little skeptical about it on the outset, but I thought it would be worth giving a chance.  I'm SO glad I did!  We had a wonderful drive that morning and saw such beautiful animals and sights!

Although it was a cold morning, our tour guide provided lots of hot drinks, snacks and a warm van. We were accompanied by a middle aged couple who had both just retired from teaching elementary school.  They loved Berkley and we all enjoyed each other so much!

We'd barely been in the van for 20 minutes when we almost immediately saw a moose!  Exactly what we had set out to see, and we saw it at the very beginning!  Absolutely incredible!
This photo- it's one of my favorites from the whole trip.  Early in the morning, the sky was so blue and clear, and the water was so still.  The reflections on the water of the mountains above made it seem like the earth just went on forever.
Our tour was in a true safari van- with openings in the top to look through, and complimentary binoculars to viewing
These little ground squirrels were everywhere, and we loved watching them play and then burrow into their holes.
A gorgeous woodpecker on the aspens...
These pronghorn were everywhere in Jackson Hole.  The most fascinating fact we learned, is that these deer-looking animals are actually most closely related to giraffes!  Crazy!
Bison- 'cause it's Wyoming & they are everywhere!
Our guide spotted a bald eagle.  So, she pulled out her super-high resolution binocular/telescope contraption so we could all see on on the hill above us.
With our new friends!  What a great way to spend the morning learning, exploring, and enjoying each other's company.

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