Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stephen's Ride

Stephen's ride for our second full day in Moab was quite an eventful one.  He rode "The Whole Enchilada"!  A bike shop in town took him in a van to the top of the mountain, and then he spent several hours riding back down.  Most of these are his photos and stories he shared with me afterward... 
Apparently the top of the mountain was lush and green and beautiful.  A stark contrast to the desert down below where we were!
There was even a lake at the top of the mountain!
The ride became much more dusty and desert-like as he made his way down...
And then about 10 miles from home, he fell over a big rock and ended up gashing his arm.  When we picked him up he had wrapped his arm in a sock and the blood was soaking through.  Initially he tried to say that he just needed to get to our house and clean it up.  But when we tried that it was still bleeding quite profusely.  So, Berk and I drove him to the hospital for stitches.  We still had a lot of our trip ahead- including lots of things that would require him to use his arm!  So, we didn't want to take any chances!

Apparently, Stephen was the only patient in the ER, so he was seen immediately.  While Berkley and I went around the block for lunch, Stephen was stitched up, given some pain medication, and was ready to go!

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