Thursday, July 21, 2016

Second Day in Snowmass

Our second day in Snowmass was great for everyone.
We picked Snowmass for a couple of reasons- for the mountain biking Stephen could do, and for the kids' adventure club Berkley could attend.  Both were amazing for them, and I got to swim and eat and rest and have a little bit of alone time that I craved.

While Berkley was in the adventure club, I went to the pool to get some sun, and when Stephen finished his ride, we met mid-mountain for a date of sorts!  Amazing salsa and beers and my handsome husband in this truly beautiful place!

Later that afternoon we picked up Berkley from camp and headed back to the pool to play...
Berkley spent a little bit of time swimming laps in the adult pool.  I figured it was okay to break the rules if he was legitimately swimming laps.  No one seemed to mind! 
We rode the gondola (called "Skittles) up the mountain for the rest of the evening.  And we spent a little time taking funny family selfies as we rode!

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