Sunday, July 31, 2016

ORAMM Weekend

The rest of our weekend in the mountains was also super-fun!

We met sweet Sarah for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants- My Father's Pizza in Black Mountain
We cheered on Stephen (and his teammate Brent) as he took off for the race on the first day...
That afternoon we met up in downtown Asheville where there was a festival going on.  We let Berkley play in the fountains with all the other children!
We had dessert in this fun bus-turned-restaurant...
We got a house on vrbo and enjoyed some hot tub time before dinner!
We met Stephen's teammates for dinner and Berkley found a nice place to read while we waited for our food to arrive...
Our dear friend, Heang was able to join us for dinner.  We love every chance we get to see him when we are in his neck of the woods.
Day two, we were more active in Stephen's race.  We drove from stop to stop so we could hand him water and nutrition.  It's always so fun to get to see him mid-race, and help him with a bottle of water or just a hug or encouraging word!
While we waited for Stephen to get to each stop, we found fun ways to entertain ourselves in nearby woods and creeks!
All the racers finish the day in this creek, and Berkley always wants to join his dad!

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