Friday, July 15, 2016

Old Faithful & Grand Prismatic

Naturally, no trip to Yellowstone is complete without a stop at Old Faithful.  On our last full day in the park we went to Old Faithful for one of its afternoon showings!

Luckily, we quickly found a spot along the really long, and really full benches.  We were shocked by how many people were gathered to watch the eruption.
Afterward, we grabbed a "Young Scientist" backpack from the Visitor's Center- a pack full of interesting tools to "rent" for 2 hours.  By far, the best part of that backpack was a hand-held laser thermometer.  We took it with us to the nearby mudpots & Grand Prismatic.  Berkley had a great time aiming the thermometer at various points to see just how hot the water was.  Folks would often gather around him to see the results!
Photos can't do this place justice- mostly because of the steam rising from Grand Prismatic, and the wind blowing it all around.  But, it was an absolutely gorgeous, fascinating spot.
Hands in the warm water...
We had reservations for dinner at the Old Faithful Inn.  It was a delicious buffett, and also a great chance to explore the old lodge.
Before dinner we grabbed drinks and sat on the porch just in time to see Old Faithful erupt again!
This boy loved the baked beans!
What a fascinating building and a fun evening together!

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