Saturday, July 23, 2016

Junior Ranger

I can't say enough good things about our National Park Service Junior Ranger program.  In each park, Berkley was able to do age-appropriate activities that engaged him in the history, science and appreciation of the parks.  He really got into each park and loved getting the badges!  

Arches National Park
Berk's first ever badege
(This park ranger made him recite the junior ranger pledge and added on "and I promise to eat my vegetables" ha!)
Canyonlands National Park
 At this point, I realized that it would behoove us to buy the Junior Ranger vest (in the ARches gift shop), or there was no way we would come home with all of his badges!
Yellowstone National Park- He got several badges here.  One for the park itself, one for being a "Junior Scientist", and maybe one or two others!
Grand Teton National Park
The Centennial  Badge celebrating 100 Years of the National Park Service...
Fossil Butte National Park

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