Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jenny Lake- Teton Hike

Perhaps one of my favorite adventures of our entire trip was a long morning hike we took from String Lake, past Jenny Lake, and up the Tetons.  It was a gorgeous day, most of the smoke had cleared from where we were hiking, and the three of us got some quality time talking and singing and laughing together.

Every good hike starts with pushups...
These views.  They just never got old...
In the most beautiful spot with my guys...
Berkley likes to hold hands while we hike.  Sometimes it just didn't work out, but I tried really hard to relish every second that it did.
That boy always finds a good nook (and he was happier than he looks!).
This moment...it will forever be in my mind.  
Berkley saw these rangers up ahead and begged to run up and talk to them.  He talked their heads off!  We could hear his little voice asking questions and talking about how he is a Junior Ranger, and assuring them that he had plenty of energy to make it to the top!
We made it toward the top of our hike- not the of the mountain, obviously, but to a climb that let to a beautiful summit and overlook.

And when you need a water break at the top, it's important to take a few minutes to read, right?
Still a bit smoky in the distance, but Jenny Lake is beautiful nonetheless
This hike back down was just as fun!
We ended with a cool wade in String Lake below...

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