Saturday, July 23, 2016

Heading Home

We said goodbye to Snowmass and got in our car to drive back to Denver.
Thankfully, we could drive Independence Pass- which is closed in the winter.
We pulled over near the Continental Divide to see the snow on the ground- in the middle of July!
There were small patches of snow, but it was snow, nonetheless!
We got to the Denver airport where Berkley asked the security guard for a "junior security guard" sticker to go along with all of his junior ranger badges!
One last photo op before we left this life-changing, incredible trip of a lifetime.
And we flew of...
The pilot gave Berkley a set of wings on our flight from Denver to Atlanta...
Unfortunately our flight from Atlanta to GSO was delayed several hours, but thankfully our sweet boy can sleep almost anywhere.  We'd taken one pillow with us on the trip, and we had left over blankets from the plane.  So, we made a make-shift pallet on the floor of the terminal, and he slept soundly the rest of the night!  
We made it home around 1am, but thanks to the time change, we didn't feel like it was that late, and we weren't too exhausted at all.  

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