Thursday, July 14, 2016

Evening Excitement

Our evening adventure was a cowboy dinner through the Roosevelt Lodge. We took a horse-drawn wagon (where I learned I'm allergic to horses...oops) to a tasty steak dinner and a little bit of excitement too!

Berk helping drive the wagon...
We saw lots of wildlife on the ride over...
The wagons were all parked in the field near our dinner location.  Some folks did a horseback ride there.  Now I'm super-thankful that's not what I had signed us up for or I would have been sneezing and swollen the whole time!
The dinner was absolutely delicious!
The kids found this huge field in which to play.  The grass was as tall as most of them, so they played hide and seek simply by lying down in the grass!

All of a sudden, I heard moms screaming and running into the grass to grab their kids.  I looked up and saw this big black bear making his way down the hillside!
The staff knew how to handle it and made the bear move away, but it definitely a nerve-wracking moment for a little while.
Apparently this sign was up for a reason...
Cute guy.
Beautiful animals and birds were everywhere!
Circling around the meal site before heading back out...
After our dinner we drove around the park a little- looking for animals as the sunset is a great way to see animals you might not see otherwise.  We encountered tons of bison, and even had to wait as they crossed all around us in our car.  They are so massive, and fascinating, but also a little nerve-wracking.  It was an exciting night for sure!

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