Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Drive Back To Colorado

The time came for us to leave Wyoming and drive back to Colorado.  Because of the many wildfires, we had to reroute ourselves and go west in order to eventually go east.  This road straddled Idaho on one side and Wyoming on the other!
Our detour led us back into Utah...
There were warnings of fires everywhere!
Since we were headed a different way than originally planned, we ended up passing by Fossil Butte National Park.  We weren't able to spend a ton of time there, but Berkley did get his Junior Ranger badge there, and was able to watch this park ranger meticulously work on cleaning off fossils!
The drive was LONG, but gorgeous.  I'm so thankful for the ever-changing topography to keep us interested, engaged and excited for the drive.
I drove during most of our trip, but on this particularly long drive, I took a break to hang out with Berkley in the back so we could play a game of chess.  That was definitely a highlight of our day!

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