Saturday, July 09, 2016

Double Arch

Double Arch quickly became our family's favorite spot in the entire park.   We first visited it after our Fiery Furnace hike during the heat of a busy day.  It was fun and fascinating, but we knew we needed to come back in the cooler temperatures when there would be fewer people walking around.
This picture does not even begin to depict how steep the spot is where Stephen & Berk are sitting.  They had to climb up a steep rock to get there, and it's a clear drop down on the other side.  On this visit, I decided to hang back in order to get photos!
During our trip, Berkley had fun finding "nooks" to hang out in.  It became a quest of his for the next two weeks.  He insisted that if he had a book he would bring it to this nook and spend hours there.  I fully believe this is something he would do if given the chance.
A little is a zoomed in photo of my guys sitting on a rock arch they had climbed....
And here is the zoomed out version!  Everything there was SO massive!
Me standing up toward the hole in one of the arches...
My view watching my guys hike back down toward the parking lot...
Under the second of the Double Arches!  We are completely in love with this place.

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