Sunday, July 10, 2016

Canyonlands & Deadhorse

On our second full day in Moab, we dropped Stephen off to ride his bike for most of the day.  So, Berkley and I made our way to Canyonlands National Park for a fun hike.

We started out on a hike that was only a mile or so- it took us to the overlook of a mysterious canyon- geologists are unsure if it's a natural sinkhole-type formation, or if it is a crater from a meteor.
The hike didn't take very long, so we decided to take the secondary hike to the far end of the hole- to check out a different perspective.  That hike ended up being really long and hard- much tougher than we anticipated!  Thankfully, we had just enough water to get us through this long hike in the desert heat.  It was a wonderful experience, but was definitely more intense than I initially anticipated!
All of the trails in the desert were marked by these gorgeous rock cairns.  It was a great way to keep Berkley engaged- looking for the next cairn to guide us to the next spot on the trail.
We made it to the hole!
We ran into a couple of girls who were hiking as well.  Thankfully they were willing to take turns making sure we all got photos at our destination!
Before heading back, Berkley and I spent an inordinate amount of time watching some ants carry around the Cheerios we had dropped on the ground during our snack break!
Heading back was just as hilly as the way there and we were more tired.  But, we did it!
We made our way back to the car, then drove to an overlook to see more of Canyonlands.  What a gorgeous stretch of land that I had no idea existed in our country!
Berkley took a nap in the car on the way back into town...
We found some delicious cheesy potato soup for lunch in Moab!
After picking up Stephen from his ride, the three of us found Dead Horse Point State Park for more gorgeous views on a very windy afternoon...

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