Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Surf City Spontenaity

Tiffany's girls were already out of school, and she convinced me to break Berkley out of school for a couple of days mid-week to go play at their beach house!

Twin swimsuits!
These three kiddos- their laughter...their happiness.  They are a delight.
It's such a gift to able to watch your kids play together on the beach from the back deck.
Amelia watching Berkley & Abigail body surfing.
Awake by 5:30, on the beach by 8am, body surfing and jumping waves by 9.  They had a great morning!
No trip to the beach is complete with out putt-putt!
Lunch on the water on a gorgeous afternoon!
Two years ago this week, these two were learning to surf in the Pacific with their moms and dads.  Today they are boogie boarding in the Atlantic by themselves.  I love these adventure buddies!
We are happy on the beach!
Being this kid's momma is pretty much the best.
When the kids need some shade, they make it happen.
Beach worn out is the best kind of worn out.

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