Sunday, June 05, 2016

Dance Recital

Dance recital time is one of my favorites.  We ladies have the best time showing off our dances from the year.  We work and laugh and love so hard throughout the year.  So our recital is the best time to show off that hard work!  

With our fearless leader, Mr. Graham.  We all completely adore him
It's no secret that tap is my favorite!
Backstage at dress rehearsal- needing to get that false eyelash right!
I loved our ballet piece & our costume this year!
This man.  I just love him!
Backstage shenaigans
With my girl, Cass!
Our jazz piece...
I mean...there's just something about a hat, fake lashes and big old earring bling that makes me a little bit sassy!
Last year my sweet college girlfriends said, "Tell us when your next recital is and we'll come."  So, I told them a couple of days in advance, and they showed up!  What a treat!


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Cassidy said...

So so fun. Nothing sassier than a face full of stage make up. 😉😘❤