Monday, May 30, 2016

National Cycling Championship

We had the incredible privilege of having 3 young women from that US Cycling team stay in our home for a week while they competed in the National Cycling Championship in Winston-Salem.  Chloe, Leah & Allie blessed us all so much during their time here, and we are so excited to be able to cheer them on in their cycling careers from now on. We learned SO much about elite athletes while they were here- specifically that they eat and sleep ALL the time.  

Berkley loved having these women around, and thankfully they were happy to have a kiddo around to keep them entertained.

With Leah & Allie (whom he proudly showed his own medals, trophies & ribbons from various races)
Cheering on Allie over the big screen while she was in an incredible breakaway.
Free waffles for everyone watching the race!
So proud of "our girls"!
Might as well have some early-morning ice cream while we wait for the cyclists to come back around
Lilly & Cassidy joined us on the second day!  It was such a fun event to share with our friends!
Still cheering on Allie!

Here they come!
These gals are just incredible.  They work so hard.  Their bodies are well-oiled machines. And their hearts are just full of love and grace.  
We are so proud of our new friends!

With Allie after the race...
With Leah at the post-weekend cook out...
Apparently it was an exhausting week for Berk too!

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