Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wedding Officiant

In the midst of my mom's hospitalization, I was committed to officiating a wedding in Winston-Salem. A former youth of mine had a beautiful wedding that I was delighted to serve in.  Unlike most weddings I officiate, I drove over quickly for the rehearsal, then headed home before dinner.  Then, on the wedding day, I drove over quickly, performed the wedding, got back in the car, and went back to the hospital to see my mom.  It was a quick process, but still a lovely one.

Christina borrows my clergy robe on Sunday mornings, so I "borrowed it" back for the wedding.  After the long week I'd had, she left this sweet heart with a note written on it for me to find in my robe pocket.  What a wonderful friend.  I found it right before the ceremony started, and had to dry my eyes before walking out in front of the congregation.
There is nothing like a wedding to perk up my spirits!
Congratulations, Blair & Brett!

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