Thursday, March 24, 2016

Moving Day

It's moving day!!  

Since everything was packed up ready for the movers, we went out to breakfast before school.  We gave Berkley this fun "Moving Day" book to read, and celebrated our new beginning!
The movers came & I didn't realize I had to stay at the house while they packed up!  Ha!  Once I realized I was stuck at the kitchen counter for the next several hours, my amazing friend brought me doughnuts while I waited!
We hired the most incredible moving company.  We've never hired anyone before, but we are old.  Ha!  We are just beyond the point where we can rope friends into moving heavy furniture with us in exchange for pizza and beer!

So we hired Delancey Street Movers.  This amazing organization is a home for ex-cons and folks who've battled substance abuse.  It gives these folks the chance to learn several marketable skills while living cleanly.  Their price was incredibly affordable, and they did such wonderful work.  I would recommend them over and over again.
Our first photo at our new home!

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