Sunday, February 07, 2016

8 and Under Swim Meet!

We headed to Raleigh for the Snowflake 8 and under swim meet.  Since most of the swim meets are huge, and cater to older kids, this was a special treat for the youngest on our team.  Berkley typically has to compete in 10 and under events, so being able to swim against other 6 and unders was a lovely change of pace and a source of encouragement for our little swimmer.

Coach Mark had the tough job of wrangling these busy 8 and under boys before the meet!   
Berkley had amazing finishes in all four of his events, and he had a ton of fun.  This final stretched out touch in his freestyle gave him a 2nd place finish by just a hair!
And his butterfly was just beautiful.  He had a strong 2nd place finish AND shaved off 7 seconds!  What a great day!

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