Sunday, January 10, 2016

Snowshoe Birthday Trip

I surprised Stephen with a trip to Snowshoe for his 40th birthday!  We had an unusually warm December, so it was SUPER disappointing to learn that there was very little snow in West Virginia in early January.  Although it wasn't quite what we expected, we still had an incredible time skiing the runs that were actually open.  Our friends, Tiffany & Mark joined us, and the four of us made the best of our time and had a wonderful long weekend together!
Sharing a hot chocolate drink
This girl...I love our adventures together.
I always tell folks that I am literally the SLOWEST skier in the world.  I am very cautious, and very slow, but always have a GREAT time when I ski.  It was such a joy to learn that Tiffany skis the exact same way that I too!  So, we took our sweet time going down the mountain, and both thought that this particular hill was HUGE until we got to the bottom and looked back.  Skiing with someone with similar skills and adventure level is truly key!
Feeling super-proud of myself for going down that really steep hill behind me...
The four of us found ourselves together at the bottom of the mountain together- this was our only ski lift ride up together.

My ski partner. (Note the totally water-filled lake at the bottom of the mountain- this lake is usually completely frozen over by December!)
Oh!  This waffle/apple/ice cream dessert!  I had it twice while we were there!
Walking through the snow to dinner makes everything a little more fun!

I do love a good comparison shot...
The last time Stephen and I went to Snowshoe about 5 years ago...
And today...

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