Friday, January 01, 2016

Resolution Run

Berkley and I decided to try out a 5K on New Year's Day.  I was totally out of shape, but gave it my best anyway.  Berkley did great and we had a lot of fun chatting together and laughing while we ran.  The weather was perfect for running- a little cool, but not freezing.  There was some trail running involved, which we both prefer to running on the pavement.  It's definitely a run we would do again.
At the end of the run there was also a kid's "fun run" that Berkley did- since he has boundless energy!
There was a news crew at the run, so naturally Berkley & I ended up on tv (well- our backsides did, anyway).  
When it was time to stretch before the race, Berkley quickly made his way right to the front of the pack and ended up on tv then too!
Stephen's co-worker was at the race and caught this candid of us.  I remember distinctly what I was saying at this Berk a little pep talk about how we were going to run the whole course and have a great attitude.  It was really a pep talk for my own brain as much as his!
This kid loves running.  I wish I did.  Very soon I'm not going to be able to run 5Ks with him because I'm too slow.  But I'll always take him when he wants to go, and I'll do my best to be strong and run (or walk) with him if I can!

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