Saturday, January 23, 2016

Faith in 3D Planning

I headed to Birmingham for a Faith in 3D planning meeting.  The weather wasn't great, but I made it to Alabama before the storm hit the southeast (getting home was another story entirely).

I love an airport.  I love travel.  And I love this job.
Feeling particularly cute in this wintry, travel-friendly outfit...
My dear friend, Marnie had a 12 pack of Diet Mountain Dews waiting on me when I got to the office!
Taking a second out of our planning meeting to pose for a publicity shot.
I missed my flight home.  I was in the airport.  My flight had been delayed due to weather, then it was "undelayed" (apparently that's a thing).  I didn't hear the "undelay" announcement and was in a restaurant at the front of the airport while my flight took off without me.  I was super-sad initially, but quickly got booked on the next flight and made it home at a reasonable time.

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