Sunday, December 06, 2015

Triad Tropics Swim Meet

The first weekend in December was a fun swim meet for Berkley.  It's the first meet where his only option was to compete as a 10 and under, and he swam well and had a lot of fun.

Looking like a super-star walking into the aquatic center.
One of my favorite things about swim meets is the 2 hours or so that I get to sit right beside this guy!
That dive!  (Berkley is the kid in the top lane.)
So proud of this little guy after he swam a 50  fly and 50 breast against 10 and unders, and totally held his own!
A visit in the stands.  I swear we feed him.
Three of the youngest kiddos on the Swim GSA team...goofing off in between events.
Halfway through the event, they asked for more volunteer timers.  Stephen went down to help out, and Berkley ended up being in his lane for one of his heats!  Look carefully & you can see them waving!
There goes Berkley...the skinny kid diving in the middle lane!
Post meet supper & snuggles!  So proud of this boy for how hard he works, and love seeing the joy he finds in swimming.

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