Monday, December 14, 2015

Teacher Gifts

Berkley and I had a fun time putting together teacher gifts.  
For his "specials" teachers (art, spanish, etc.) and a few other folks he loves at school, we made these fun snowman cups with "Snowman Soup" (hot chocolate).  I made homemade tags- drew out the tag on a piece of paper, downloaded a picture to my computer, and copied it to small sizes before printing it out.  Berkley signed his name to each tag and helped me glue them .
He also helped me decorate white styrofoam cups with googly eyes, a paper carrot nose, and marker smile
Such a cute, easy, and inexpensive gift!
For his main teachers and coaches, we made another fun gift.  I discovered that you can buy Redbox codes in bulk online.  So I drew and made these cute Santa cards, printed them out, then filled in the Redbox codes and Berkley signed them.  I laminated the cards after that so the gift recipients could keep the cards around without them getting messed up.
Berkley and I tied them up with a bag of microwave popcorn- so cute!

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