Friday, December 11, 2015

Go Wildcats!

My high school has always had an incredible football team.  Growing up in rural, eastern North Carolina, there's not a whole lot else to do.  While I was there, every year the Wildcats came ohsoclose to going to the state championship game, but always lost in overtime (or double overtime).  They've had the same kind of "luck" over the last 20 years, but broke the streak this year and made it to the state championship game.  The small town rallied behind them and it was pretty exciting to consider the prospect of the team being state champions.  Coach Howle has been there since before I was (minus a stint when his own son was playing at Penn State & he took a hiatus from coaching so he could go to every. single. game.), and it just seemed right that he would finally get recognition for the program that he has built out of a bunch of tobacco farm kids.  
The game was a good one, but the Wildcats lost.  However, now I think those kids (and the community) have a taste of what it can be like, and I have a feeling they will be returning to the state championship really soon.
I got super excited the week before the big game and collected these few pics of my cheerleading days.  I wasn't crazy about high school in general, but cheering for Bunn football was by far the biggest redeeming factor of my high school experience.

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