Saturday, December 12, 2015

Family Dive day

Berk's diving team hosted a family dive day at the GAC.  It was a fun opportunity for us to jump and dive off of the amazing diving boards at the GAC; and most importantly it was a chance for Berkley to teach us the ropes!  
Our morning in the dive well made me even more impressed with what Berk does every week.  I walked up to the lowest platform (5 meters), looked over the edge, and couldn't jump.  Seriously.  I just couldn't get up the nerve. I have jumped off of all sorts of things, from higher heights, but for some reason I just couldn't do it that day. 
Berkley jumping off the 5 meter platform...
Stephen jumping off the 5 meter...
Berkley taught Stephen how to do a proper dive off the tallest springboard.  I'd say Berkley definitely has better form!
I was willing to dive off the 1 meter!  I learned that I've been diving incorrectly my whole life!  Berkley taught me the correct way to "line up", and that when you hit the water you're supposed to basically flip into the water versus diving straight out.  His coach even attempted to correct my backdive.  But 30 years of a habit is hard to break in 2 hours!  At least I gave it a shot!  Can't wait for the next family dive day!

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