Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning

That run down the stairs on Christmas morning...
Thrilled with the spirograph waiting for him!
Berk had been asking for a robe for quite a while.  There was one waiting for him inside his new backpack!
Fun stocking treats...
A new Swim GSA sweatshirt like the big kids at swim team all have!
From Momma and Daddy- his "big gift"- a new Kindle.  We debated this for a while.  We really don't "do screens" a whole lot.  But we know we are headed on a big trip this summer and since he reads so voraciously, we thought it'd be handy to get a "reader only" Kindle so we don't have to lug around a ton of books.  He was super-surprised and thrilled!

I surprised both guys with matching Adidas track suits- just for a fun treat that I knew they'd both love.
We put a couple of books on Berkley's Kindle- just so he could start to enjoy it.  And he proceeded to spend the majority of Christmas Day in this exact spot- reading away...
Stephen napping on the couch & Berk reading on the floor after a wonderful, happy Christmas morning.

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