Thursday, November 26, 2015


This year for Thanksgiving we headed to Wake Forest for a couple of days.  
First we had dinner with Susan & Terry, then they kept Berkley so Stephen and I could go downtown to the brewery there.  We both commented that when we were teenagers we wouldn't have believed that one day we'd be having a date night at a brewery downtown in our sleepy hometown.  They've come a long way!
After running a 5K the next morning, we enjoyed a late lunch with all of the Willis family.
Berk's very favorite part of the day was having his turkey leg.  He had tried one at Dollywood, and has been obsessed ever since.
Stephen took us for a ride in his dad's 1972  Chevy station wagon.  It was fun to go back in time when child safety seats were not a thing, electric windows didn't exist, and seat belts were limited.
I'm confident that this is exactly where Berkley would sit every time we got in the car, if this were allowed.

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