Sunday, November 08, 2015


Since Stephen & Lee got to go to the UT game on Saturday, it only seemed "fair" that our families get to have a fun activity together on Sunday.  So, we headed to Dollywood!!!  In all the years we lived in Knoxville, we never visited Dollywood (just the water park- Splash Country- which is the best water park ever...but I digress), so it's been long past time that we visit.
I found out that the weekend we were there was the first weekend of "Christmas at Dollywood".  Yes!!  Christmas decorations and theme parks- that's a fantastic combination.
Ferris Wheel ride over the Smoky Mountains
This turned out to be Berk's favorite ride.  I went on it with him the first time, then he begged to ride by himself over and over.
Me and the kiddos on the big drop!
Just a swingin'
Teacups for Berkley, Jackson & Cameron
Stephen's turn on a grown up ride...
At sunset we took the train around the park.  It was a beautiful ride with Christmas music piped into the train.
Inside a life-sized snow globe!
Jackson was born right before Stephen and I got married, and this almost-11 year old is such a great kid.  He looked out for Berkley and these two had a blast together- just like their dads!
We visited the characters from Rudolph...
Yukon Cornelius
Once the sun had totally set, the whole place turned into a beautiful Christmas-light covered place!
We all took one last ride on the go-carts, and I got to ride with Jackson as my driver.
Berk drove around his dad in this awesome pink convertible.
What a fantastic way to start off the holiday season!  We stayed way later than we thought we would, and still had a late night drive home, but it was totally worth it!  
Merry Christmas from Dollywood!

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