Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Diving Bubble

It was an exciting night at diving practice when we found out they'd be having the diving bubble.  Apparently there is an air bubble the coach can trigger from the bottom of the pool that helps the divers land without the water feeling so hard.  They say it feels like landing on a cloud since the bubble breaks the surface of the water.  This enables divers to try things that are more difficult or more scary than usual since they know they won't get hurt.

Let's just talk for a minute about these diving boards.  From the side (my usual vantage point) they look high, but from this angle they look even higher!
Berk's first "real" front flip off the board into a bubble...
And the scariest/most amazing part of the day was when he jumped off the 7.5 meter platform- that's the middle platform.  I think my heart stopped when he jumped.  I am certain that I stopped breathing.  It's something else to watch that little tiny body fly down about 25 feet.  Of course, he loved it, and the bubble definitely helped with his confidence.  Too bad they don't have the bubble all the time!

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