Monday, November 02, 2015

Disney Cruise Going Home

Leaving a Disney Cruise is the worst.  I had the full-on ugly cry happening on the bus from the port to the airport.  Everything about it just makes me grateful.  I am so grateful for the chance to have this incredibly special vacation with just me and my boy (and our fun friends!)

I love watching this kid in his element of traveling!
While stopping in the airport book store, I realized we were dressed the same!  Ha!
One more ride on the airport monorail.
We had a really bumpy flight home.  I was truly scared during one portion when the pilot was trying to get around a thunderstorm.  Berk took a nap on my lap, and when I got scared, I literally started whispering a prayer over him that God would help him stay asleep if things got worse.  Sure enough, he stayed asleep throughout the turbulence and the pilot got us out of what felt like a very precarious position.  And God calmed my heart, and kept this sweet boy sleeping on my lap the whole time.  It was a rude awakening after such a magical long weekend, but also a reminder of God's presence in every part of our lives.

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