Sunday, November 01, 2015

Disney Cruise Castaway Cay

There's no denying that my favorite part of a Disney Cruise is Castaway Cay.  Among the moms, we decided to rent two cabanas at the private beach which provided the kids with an incredible place to play and roam freely and safely.  We practically had the beach to ourselves for a good chunk of the morning.

There's nothing like floating with my boy in the Caribbean ocean!
The kids had a great time swimming and playing together.
Berkley and I had a wonderful hour or so snorkeling together.  We saw tons of fish and even saw a sting ray!  What a special experience that was.
After snorkeling, we came back to the cabana where Berkley and Amelia were treated to Sprites by the ocean!  These two could not be more of their fathers' children...sitting there drinking, not really talking much, but just enjoying each other's company.  
That just makes for the perfect back drop...for everything.
Laughing with girlfriends while you're in the ocean with your kiddos is a pretty great way to spend an afternoon...
Berkley was pretty tired from the jam-packed day before.  So, he and I left the island a little bit early to have some down time in the room.  We were sad to say goodbye to Castaway Cay.  I definitely hope we get to go back some day.

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