Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Thursday?

I've never been a Black Friday shopper.  Heck.  I'm not much a of a shopper any day.  But, this year I ended up shopping the evening of Thanksgiving!
While in the Christmas tree lot, we noticed a line starting at the Target nearby.  Stephen asked me what could possibly be on sale there that we would even want, and I told him that I'd happened to see the advertisement from the paper and noticed that they had a camera bundle on sale for half off!  I'm in desperate need of a new camera, but just assumed we'd hold off on that for a while.
Instead, Stephen said, "Well, go get in line!"  What?!
He told me to get in line while he and Berkley took the Christmas tree home.  Then, they'd come back and pick me up.  How could I say no to that?!  It was a relatively warm evening, and I thought it might be kind of fun!
So, I got in line and was SUPER impressed with how well Target managed the line.  They had lots of staffers out insuring there was no craziness.  They gave out "vouchers" for big ticket items, and once those were gone toward the front of the line, they were just gone.  That way, folks wouldn't be running in, fighting for things.
The sun set while we were standing in  line, and when the doors opened, it was very calm but still filled with excitement.  I headed to the back to grab my camera bundle, and stood in a bit of a long line to pay for it.  I don't know that I'll always shop so early after Thanksgiving, but it was definitely something fun and different for this year.

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