Saturday, October 31, 2015

Disney Cruise Pirate Night

Halloween was also Pirate Night, so we left the Halloween party, changed into pirate costumes, put the kids in the kid's club, and had a little bit of mom-time before dinner.

Tequila tasting with the girls...
Before dinner we had a magical character sighting with Pirate Minnie in the hallway!
Pirate dinner with my sweet boy!
Glow in the dark drinks!
Cheers to the pirates!
Berkley decided to meet Jack Sparrow- another character he didn't really know.  But Jack was super-kind to Berk, and I think he just liked the idea of seeing a "real" pirate!

More magical character sightings when our spot for the Pirate party on deck just happened to be where the characters entered in and out for the show!

Going to see one of the amazing Broadway-style shows on board with almost our whole crew...
This day could not have been more full!  After the show, we went back on deck for the fireworks show.  This may have been my favorite part of the night- hanging out with my boy at the end of a very special, fun-filled day.
The kids were happy to wait patiently for the fireworks- perhaps because they were exhausted!
Fireworks on a Disney Cruise are always amazing!

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