Saturday, October 31, 2015

Disney Cruise Halloween

We were thrilled to be on the ship on Halloween!  In true Disney fashion, they did a great job making the festivities fun for everyone!

This year Berkley decided to be Robin (I'm not sure he even reallyl knows who that is), so he told me I should be bat girl.  After searching for an appropriate bat girl costume (google them...there are some doozies out there), I came up with this tshirt, mask and tutu with some shorts underneath.  Totally sufficient.
Lilly & Cass were characters from Big Hero 6...
We headed to the Halloween party in the atrium.  We chose the earlier option, and I think that helped it not be too crowded.  The kids had a great time playing carnival games and getting handful upon handful of candy in their bags from cast members.  I tell you that Disney is not stingy with their candy...there seemed to be an endless supply, and second visits were even encouraged!
The kids watched the characters above them on the atrium balcony, but before that show was over, we decided to go upstairs and see if there were any more spots giving out candy.
We were the only folks with that idea, and we found ourselves grabbing candy right behind the characters' show.  
When it ended, all of our kids got their own personal meet and greet with the main characters as they left the atrium.  What luck!  It was some Disney magic for sure!
 So. Much. Candy. And So. Much. Fun.

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