Friday, October 30, 2015

Disney Cruise Day One

We got to the port as folks were still getting off from the previous cruise.  We were shown where to get in line to get in the terminal once it was open, and we tried really hard to wait patiently!  We knew getting there early would be worth it- short lines, early boarding time, etc.  So, we didn't mind the short wait we had.
The kids played a couple of games while we waited, so their wait didn't seem so long either.
There's nothing quite like seeing that big ship in dock before boarding.
Once we got in terminal, we were able to check in super-fast, and then I gave the kids scavenger hunts to do while we waited to get on the ship.
Since we were sharing a room, Cassidy and I decided to upgrade to Concierge Level!  I can't say enough about how incredible that was in general, but maybe one of the most fun perks was that we were literally the second "family" on board the ship!  Hearing "The Willis & MacKay Families" announced as we walked in to meet our personal concierge staff member was pretty special.
We headed up to the concierge lounge where we were able to eat some super yummy food, and met with a cast member who had already signed us up for all kinds of awesome activities, character meet and greets, and made us feel so welcome!
Our room was ready early, so we were able to check it out after our lunch.
Two adult robes & two kid robes.  How fancy!
We headed directly to the pool!  Frozen was playing on the big screen and the kids had quite a while at the pool before it got too crowded.
The rest of our group started arriving, and we all got so excited for the trip to begin.  The kids were mostly fans of the never-ending ice cream.  The moms were most excited that our kids are old enough to have a little freedom when they were together.  We could safely let them go between pools or go get ice cream as long as they had a partner.   Giving them some independence gave us independence too!
Love this fun crew of girls- we had one more mom to join us at this point!
Bathing suit time!
Already tired on the way to change for dinner...
Checkout the kid's club...
The farewell party before the ship set sail!  We then headed to dinner, Berk went to the kid's club for a short while, and then we turned in for the night! 
Beautiful sunset as we watched the ship sail away...

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