Saturday, October 10, 2015

Camping Trip

Stephen wanted to "pre-ride" a course in the mountains, so Berkley and I happily tagged along for a family camping weekend.

We were treated to a gorgeous sunset as we headed toward the Pisgah National Forest...
We arrived late and had to set up our campsite by the light of our car's headlights.  Berk spent a little time reading and getting settled before a late bedtime.
Saturday morning we found a nearby Waffle House and obviously somebody got his day off to a great start!
It rained almost every second of the weekend, but we still had a wonderful time exploring and adventuring in our raincoats and boots.
Saturday morning Stephen met our dear friend Heang, and some other guys for a long day's ride.
The rain stopped on Sunday just long enough for us to get a good family photo by one of the beautiful Pisgah waterfalls.  This particular fall was flowing like crazy.  I've never seen it with SO much forceful water flowing before.  I guess that's what endless rain does!

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