Sunday, September 06, 2015

Wilmington Visit

We picked up Berkley after the sleepover, and we headed down to Wilmington for the weekend.  

Clearly Berkley needed a little bit of sleep after the late night.
I took Berk and Emmeline on a walk to the nearby school playground.  I love these two together.

Oh Ivens.  She looooovvvveeesss Stephen.  Deeply.  Babies often do.  He has some kind of magical power I think.  They spent a ton of time just like this over the course of the weekend.

Love being with our girls (and their parents too!) 
Before heading home we stopped by the local Barnes and Noble for me to meet up with Kara (it was pouring rain- it was the best meet up option we had).  While I was waiting for her, I looked for Abby's book & found it there on the new biography shelf.  Seeing her book in print in a bookstore will never get old to me!
I never get enough time with this gal, but I will take every second I can get!

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