Friday, September 04, 2015

Lilly's Birthday Party

Lilly is 7!  She and Berk are the same age for a month, and then we get to celebrate her birthday.  She chose to have Berkley and Madeline over for a sleepover, but she also requested that our families have dinner together that night.  True to form, Todd planned a delicious dinner of homemade pizzas, then we left for the kids to have their sleepover.  We love that dear girl and loved getting to celebrate her all together.

Throwing pizza dough...
...And our kiddos...
Lilly requested a caramel cake!
Happy Birthday to Lilly!
This boy.  I can't even talk about my love for him.  I especially love that he's a big fan of the snuggles.
Ready for bed time!  Apparently they did pretty well and got to sleep at a fairly reasonable time.

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