Sunday, September 27, 2015

Camp Kanata

While doing a little research about summer camps for Berkley, I checked out the camp that I grew up going to every summer.  Camp Kanata is actually very close to where I grew up, but I remember it always felt like I was SO far from home!
I was thrilled to find out that they host weekend-long camps for kids, and I knew immediately this would be the perfect introduction to camp for Berkley!  I'm not sure who was more excited for the weekend as we drove him to camp for the weekend (spoiler alert:  it was me).
I will also confess to being a little nervous.  I mean, he's barely 6.  He just figured out how to take showers by himself and actually get all the things clean and rinsed.  He still sleeps with a sound machine and a specific routine of songs & prayers each night. But my momma- gut also knew that he could not only do it, but that he would love it!
The forecast was for rain all weekend, but that didn't stop us all from being excited about the weekend ahead.
We checked in, found Berkley's cabin (a new cabin that didn't exist when I was a camper), and he made his bed.  He decided he wanted an upper bunk, and he thought it would be cool to pick the bunk above his counselor.  
I really did try not to prolong our goodbyes, so that he could get started enjoying the weekend.  But I had to get a few pictures in front of the lake- from the view of camp I remember so well.
We headed home to Greensboro and imagined all the fun he was undoubtedly having.  And I said a few special prayers that his nights would be easy- that he'd be so worn out that he'd fall asleep instantly.
Saturday morning the phone rang...a number I didn't recognize.
And I knew immediately what had happened.
I knew he was hurt and was probably in need of the hospital or urgent care.
Sure enough- his chin had busted open- the exact same spot he busted it last summer.  Figures.
Thankfully, I called Kathy, and she headed over to camp to check on him and took him to urgent care.  It sure pays to have Grandma who lives close by and happens to be a nurse.
So, I didn't even have to drive to camp.  I was afraid that if I did, he might see me and not want to finish out the weekend.  So, Grandma called and assured me that after a quick urgent care visit, Berk was more than ready to keep going.  He kept asking about when he could get back to playing at camp.  Crisis averted!

Thankfully, the camp posted a bunch of pictures after the weekend was over, so I did get to see a glimpse of what a great weekend he had- even in the rain!

He wanted to do archery SO badly!  Thankfully that was his first activity of the weekend (before the chin episode). 
He's on the far left in the navy rain coat.
I love that the rain didn't stop camp from happening.  They still clearly had such a great time!

A cute pic of the smallest boys at camp from their cabin's skit on Saturday night.
I was shocked by these pictures!  My non-performing boy got caught doing the Whip & Nae Nae on stage!!
Making a bracelet in the arts & crafts cabin...
Such a special place in my heart, and I am so grateful I got to share it with my sweet boy.
The parents were invited to the final chapel on Sunday.  I stayed in the back so I could watch Berk in action.  You can see his hair poking up above everyone else...
A skit and some songs reminding these kiddos of the love of Jesus. What a sweet end to the weekend...
Berk was so excited to "show me around", and I was thrilled to let him.  
Heading up to his cabin...
With his counselor...
A picture of my very first camp cabin- number 3.  We went inside and I was shocked by how much smaller it felt inside than I remember it.
The arts & crafts cabin- where I spent most of my time as a camper.  I remember figuring out that if I signed up for arts & crafts as my last activity of the day, that I would be allowed to stay there longer into our free time.  I thought I was doing a great job of "working the system". Ha!
Two happy faces at a special place we now both love!
Playing a little tetherball before heading home.  'Cause that's what you do at Camp Kanata.
Love this sweet place.

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