Thursday, August 13, 2015

Poster Project

Berk's first major homework assignment was a pretty typical one.  He was instructed to create an "All About Me" poster.  There were some guidelines given- certain questions he was expected to answer. 
I struggled so much with how much to help him and how much to let him do it himself.  I knew parents were "allowed" to help out, but I really WANT to be as hands off as possible, so he can learn and grow and all that jazz.  But, the semi-professional poster-maker in me wanted to dictate exactly how it should look.  So, I compromised.  
I divided up the paper into sections for him, and advised him on what question he might want to answer in each box.  That way, I was simply helping with the structure of the poster, not the content.  I feel good about that choice.  
Berk's not so big on spatial awareness quite yet, so I feel like this helped him at least separate the words and pictures into understandable blocks.  It was a great first homework test for both of us!

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