Sunday, August 02, 2015

More Birthday Party Fun

What a special birthday party with wonderful friends!

Berk with his two best buddies- Lilly & Gavin...
The Crew- Chandler, Berkley, Eric, Lilly, Ayur and Gavin
The same crew including siblings, Caleb & Hailey
Cute boys...
Big birthday jump!
My back dive.  It was a bad (twisted one), but it's fun to have a picture, nonetheless.
Stephen's dive...
Diving in!
I love this photo...Berk's dive in the foreground and Lill's fun jump in the back...
Uncle Randy came to the party!
Berkley loved having cousin Eleanor at the party!
I loved finding this photo on my phone!
Celebrating my sweet boy...
Berk and one of his favorite lifeguards, Rachael, share the same birthday!  These two love being "birthday buddies".

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