Saturday, August 22, 2015

Instead of Boy Scouts

Apparently the Boy Scouts run a pretty intense marketing campaign.  They showed up at Berk's school one day during lunch to "recruit" kids.  They told Berk that you get to do archery and shoot BB guns and earn patches.  He was sold.  He jumped in the car that afternoon and told me how he HAD to do Boy Scouts and I proceeded to tell him that there are SO many reasons why he was not going to.
Since "bow and arrow" was the primary reason he gave for wanting to join Boy Scouts, Stephen figured out a great way to make that happen for him.  This resulted in the first purchase we've ever made for Berk that resembles any kind of weapon.  For 6 years we've steered clear of guns and fighting and all related topics, but we figured a bow & arrow is a pretty safe place to start the conversation.
Stephen took Berk to target to get a Nerf bow and arrow, and that has totally quelled the Boy Scout conversation ever since!

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