Monday, August 17, 2015

Grasshoppers Game

We decided to go to a Grasshoppers Game on a school night!  Stephen's company has some great seats, and since no one else was using them, we decided to tak ein one more game for the season. We didn't stay that long at all, but it was a fun, short evening. 

Sitting on top of the dug out in front of our seats.
We know some folks who work for the entertainment side of the team, so Berkley & I got to participate in the festivities down on the field before the game...

Berkley got to be on the big screen and yell "Play Ball" to start the game!  He was so energetic and confident!
I was deemed "Honorary Manager" or something like that.  It basically meant I wore a t-shirt that was 4 sizes too big, and I met with the two team managers and the umpires at homebase before the game.  You know what they talked about?  How the hotel was where the other team was staying.  And they talked about how long the drive was.  At the very end, the umpires showed the managers what parts of the field were considered in and out for foul balls and such, but that was a pretty small part of the conversation.  Next time you see that talk happening before a game, rest assured they are not solving the world's problems in those 5 minutes!  Nonetheless, it was totally fascinating.

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