Sunday, August 30, 2015

Food Truck Festival

For the second year we went to the Greensboro food truck festival.  It's grown a lot since last year with more trucks and lots more people. Thankfully, we got there right when it began, and we knew exactly what we wanted to eat.  We made a beeline for those trucks before the crowds got too heavy.
First stop:  The crepe truck.  Y'all.  I got the exact same crepe last year and have been waiting all year to have one again.  Lettuce, apples, brie and apple butter.  Yum!
Last stop- mini donuts.  It's no secret how much I love the mini donut.  Every festival, ball game, fair I attend, I keep my eyes pealed for the mini donut truck.  I bought two dozen. Cause'...well....they're just that good.  I ate one bag then and took one home.  Delish!

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